It’s All About Juice

I read several reviews about juicers and was not impressed. Some of those reviews left me asking myself, “are we still talking about juice”? The juicers were described in ways that made me change my mind and not consider buying one of those machines. Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against juicers, it’s just that those reviews were awful.

Reading those reviews made me see my juicer in a completely different way. I didn’t know you could describe a juicer in the ways they were described. I read one review and felt as though they were talking about a car. Then in a another review I felt like they were describing exercise equipment.

When I read juicer reviews, I expect them to be juicy. I want to read a review that says, loud and clear, this is a juicer and it makes juice. I don’t want to have to guess if they’re talking about juice or not. Everything about the review should show and prove that it’s all about the juice.

My expectations may be too high when it comes to reading juicer reviews. In my personal juicer opinion, the review should be all about juice and nothing else. There shouldn’t be any question in your mind to as to whether you’re about to purchase a car, a piece of exercise equipment, or a juicer. I want to be convinced without a doubt in my mind. Here’s the link to the reviews and you can judge for yourself.

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