How Education Facilitates Career Goals

A career is what we all aspire to. A career requires some specialized knowledge in a particular field in order to move forward and advance. Oh what a pleasure it is to have the opportunity to attend a college or university in order to be able to get that knowledge and experience the joy of earning a college degree.

My best experience with gaining that degree of my dreams was when I received my acceptance letter. That day will forever be etched in my mind as one of my best days. The joy and excitement was overwhelming. I had realized a goal that I had set for myself years earlier in junior high.

The letter was just the beginning. I was going to have to relocate for the college of my choosing. It would be a scary time, but one that would forge me into a person that would reach career goals and become a professional in my field.

Finding the courage was one thing, but taking that first step was another. Arriving at the campus was confusing, scary, and I wanted to experience so much more and be able to say that I did it.

Registration was a whole new world that I had never experienced before. It seemed as though the lines were endless. Sometimes frustration overcame the joy of having arrived. What was worse was when it seemed that you had finally gotten to the front of the line, there was another line one had to get into.

Meeting with advisors, finding the right classes, and navigating a campus that was like a small town was fun and well worth whatever fear I felt. By the time the semester began me and my classmates were well on our way to understanding the politics of the situation and getting where we wanted and needed to be when we needed to be there.

You might now be asking what all of this has to do with a career. Well, the simple answer is experience. It is and was the experience of learning how to adapt to different situations and different people and achieving a goal you have set for yourself. It is confusing and hard when you first start. It does get easier and the lesson learned will not be realized for some time.

When I first started college with the goal of getting the career of my dreams, I did not understand the lines, the waiting and the red tape. It was frustrating, annoying, aggravating, and it made no sense. Now, looking back on the whole situation. I understand how these lines and the waiting and all the red tape taught me a lesson that cannot be learned in any course or book.

The lesson is simple, yet evades so many. The lesson is that one has to learn to get along, to go with the flow. The work environment is one that is always changing to meet the needs and demands of the market that one works in. One must be able to adjust expectations while still acquiring their goal.

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