Hi, my name is Shilo and for me college was more than just a means to an end. as a single mother education is important both as a means to get a better job to provide a better life for my family and as a way to inspire my children by showing them that anything is possible.

Finding the right school
Finding a school I can work into my hectic schedule was one of the most challenging parts of continuing my education. Between work, school, after school activities and simple day to day chores it often feels like I don’t even have time to eat and sleep, let alone attend classes and do homework. The only way I could worky education into my life was to find a degree I could complete online. Even then simply attending classes through a message board isn’t enough. Just like with traditional campus classes, it’s important to find a school with teachers who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about your success. Without the support for of a great faculty it’s easy to be lost between the cracks.

Financial aid

Finding the right school to attend is only the first step. Next is the question of how to pay for your education. The most important thing is to figure out what kind of financial aid you are entitled to. There are a variety of grants avaliable to people for a variety of reasons. Our future is depending on how well educated we can become so we can compete in a constantly changing job market. In addition to these grants many schools provide their own scholarships and financial aid along side student loand to help make a good education posible for more people.

Going back to school

In the end going back to school was one of the best decisions I have ever made. In many ways a four year college degree today is the equivalent of a high school diploma twenty years ago. The growing importance of education it has become almost impossible to gain the financial freedom of a good career without a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Today I am well on my way to this goal and the the security it will provide myself and my family. I am hoping that my determination will rub off on my two children. Hopefully they will understand the importance of a good education and have an easier time reaching their goals.

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