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The Perks of Education

I started my education like any normal child at age 4. Unlike most kids however, my parents had decided to put me into private school. From kindergarten to 7th grade, I grew up in a culture based upon the private school atmosphere. Though it was fun while it lasted, I had felt that I was in a bubble. That bubble popped the moment I started my 8th grade year at George Washington Middle School. Not only public, it was also the largest school I had been to. The size of it alone made my 31 class members seems so miniscule.

The public school track not only improved my education but prepared me for college, also known as the real world. In my household I had always grown up with the thinking that I was going to college. I didn’t truly appreciate the thought of college until I took a gap year to live abroad. The nine months I spent away, cultured me enough to be able to appreciate a good education as well as the importance of a degree or schooling of any kind.

From an early age I learned that college would improve my income. I didn’t realize that this was a true fact until I entered my first year in University. Though I started out as an Anthropology major, I quickly became fascinated with economic development of different worlds from the perspective of a Global Affairs Majors. I am now a double major of Global Affairs and Spanish, not only because it can generate a high income, but also because culture is my passion.

I am so fascinated with every class of mine. Whether it be a course requirement class or a class for my major, I cherish each class that I take. Not only does it improve my knowledge basis, but it also can be used everyday. For example, Math is a requirement to graduate. Though it can be tedious for those non math majors, the skills can be used, perhaps not for your job, however the teachings can be used for taxes, or loan payoffs.

To me, any trade school or degree is one of the necessities and requirements for living a successful life. Knowledge is what replaces ignorance. Ignorance itself is harmful and can be avoided by earning any degree or certificate from a higher education.

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